What is Road Bike

A type of bicycle intended for use on paved roads is called a road bike. They typically have drop handlebars, narrow tires, and aerodynamic tires. Road bikes with these features are ideal for racing, long-distance riding, and general fitness.

The lightweight frame of a road bike is typically made of carbon fiber, aluminum, or titanium. A bike that is strong, long-lasting, and simple to maneuver is made possible by choosing this material.

A road bike's geometry is also intended to be more aggressive, with a riding position that is more forward. which enables enhanced speed and improved power transfer. Drop handlebars are one of a road bike's most distinctive features. These handlebars take into account different hand positions, which can assist with diminishing weariness during long rides.

Additionally, it provides a riding position that is more aerodynamic, which may assist in speeding up

A road bike's tires are typically smooth and narrow, measuring between 23 and 25 millimeters in width. On paved roads, this design allows for reduced rolling resistance and increased speed. Additionally, they have a high pressure rating, which reduces the likelihood of punctures.

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